Twin Peaks mania


After watching Season One and Two of Twin Peaks again, I just can’t get it out of my mind. Oh, Cooper, Cooper, what happened? I thought your empathy and Buddhist sensibilities would save you from the power of Bob, but no. Those last haunting lines ‘I need to brush my teeth’; declared so robotically, so mechanically. It was clear something horrible had gone down in the ol’ Black Lodge. Those flashing images of Bob and Cooper’s shadow self grimacing and laughing menacingly are etched onto my brain surface forever…well for a few weeks anyhow. It could quite possibly be the best piece of media I’ve ever set my eyes on…but let’s not get all ‘Top Ten turds’, ‘The 100 Greatest B-movies’, Empire-style list maniacal, eh? No, it is just something to be enjoyed, appreciated and interpreted as one see’s fit; it deserves nothing less. Let’s all raise our Surrealist, upside down, melted glasses to one David Lynch. Cheers, and don’t do anything Josie Packard wouldn’t do…which leaves us all with unimaginable possibilities.


One thought on “Twin Peaks mania

  1. nathanjon says:

    I’ve just watched it all again myself -delighted you posted something on it. There’s a Twin Peaks fan site that has a great FAQ section where theories are put forward as to what happens in the last episode and what it means: I think some of the efforts to impose a ‘meaning’ on it are missing the point a little -like you say, the effect of the images is so rewarding it seems redundant to confine it to lists or pin it down to one interpretation

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