Technical Difficulties…

(Copying and pasting this gets rid of some of the formatting which kind of takes away from the poem a little…)

Two Deaths


Two months.

one s l o o o o o w

one sudden.

(cancer, emotional brain)


Doctor fitting a catheter in the next room,

while we conjure up

cheerful conversation to drown out



tea goes c o l d.


—Musician sings: you raise me up

as the body is




The procession crumbles and quivers

with spasmodic tears and suffocating hugs from strangers

as the soil is dusted, sprinkled like manure

over the ornate wooden box


5 red roses and a pink one

(for the baby)


a subtle scent of flowers, febreze and flesh wounds

—the night nurse makes a call

to witness those final, tentative exhalations


(hoovered cheekbones and mannequin eyes)


undertakers struggle to manoeuvre

coffin through the narrow hallway;

like moving a piano down

curving flights of stairs

—he was tall.


Hospital bed deflated, dismantled,

ready for its next temporary user.


a wheelchair and a paper trail

date of birth, social security number,

bank statements without a f a c e…


—a tin of paint and everything will be fine.




One thought on “Technical Difficulties…

  1. …and another one that copied double-spaced when wasn’t double-spaced in original…

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